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dog and cat

Pet care is a service business that requires a deep level of trust and responsibility along with an unabashed sense of love and caring for pets. At Scratch N’ Sniff, we never forget our commitment and do our best every day, no matter what Portland weather throws our way. Our company is built on integrity, love, and an unceasing desire to meet your dogs every need and surpass your expectations. While we have a lot of fun doing what we do, we also take our responsibilities very seriously. We treat your dogs as our own because they really do become a part of our Scratch N’ Sniff family…and you are our neighbors. We want you to feel secure knowing your pets are receiving exceptional care while in our care.

Service begins with an initial consultation. This meeting provides an opportunity for us to meet and for me to get to know your pets. At this time we will gather specific information concerning your pet’s daily routine such as feeding schedules, medication and veterinary names. Our goal is to make sure that your pets are comfortable, well cared for and you feel at ease with Scratch N’ Sniff services. We will review all of Scratch N’ Sniff procedures and answer any questions. We will also provide you with solid references and credentials.

Shaley Howard, Owner and Pack Leader